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I love trade shows. Maybe it’s the unique exhibitors, the free samples, or the awesome guest speakers. Whatever the reason, I am super excited The Green living show is coming up this month April 25-27. The Green Living Show is dedicated teaching individuals how to live a happier and healthy life. With over 400 vendors preaching beauty, fashion, green lifestyle, tech, food, fitness, and more, you’re sure to find something fun to hopefully take home – if not some tips on how to live green.

This is becoming more and more important every year. We’re still in mid April and wearing winter jackets. That has to say something about the rapid climate change we are experiencing. I think it’s important as individuals to go to these shows to see how we can make  a difference and how others are making a difference.

It’s not just about recycling. It’s about fashion with purpose, healthy eating, organic beauty. How fun is that? One interesting exhibitor which I personally cannot wait to check out is PretendTan. I often see the Kardashian girls commercial about zoom tan and think to myself – “Wow, these bimbos are going to have leather skin by the time they are 40”. I’m a huge fan of the faux tan and this product takes the cake.

So you’re probably thinking why would this product be at The Green Living Show? Because it is actually not bad for your skin!
-Great Colour
-Streak Free
-Paraben Free
-Oil Free
-Lasts for days!


Beats a tanning bed!

You can check them out at The Green Living Show or HERE

This year is slated to be one of the best years yet. I have recently started a healthier lifestyle by heading to the gym and eating much cleaner. It is my hopes I will find some great exhibitors to help me  with this new found healthy lifestyle.

Looking to get tickets? Get $2 off by getting them online HERE

We’ve got tickets ups for grabs. You could win a set of Green Living Tickets! Comment below what you do to live a healthy lifestyle!


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