travelcuts Film Festival: WHO WILL GET TO SEE THE WORLD THEIR WAY?

Four weeks, three stunning finalist videos, and only one grand prize? Who will win the first ever TRAVELCUTS TRAVEL DOC FILM FEST? Now it’s up to you, Canada!

Running until November 17th, travelcuts is asking Canadians to cast their vote via Twitter for their favourite #travelcutsDOC video submission. Encouraging young, adventure-seeking Canadians to travel the world, and see it their way, travelcuts introduced the film festival in October as a way to get people excited travelling. After a month-long submission period, travelcuts and a panel of travel experts selected their top three choices, with the final winner to be announced at the film festival in late November.

“We were completely blown away by the quality of these video entries,” said Luisa Pannozzi, Marketing Communications Manager, Merit Travel Group, parent company of travelcuts. “Selecting the top three was no easy task, but I think we’ve narrowed it down to some truly amazing travel videos.

To watch the top three submissions, visit the festival website,, or click the videos below, and don’t forgot to use the corresponding hashtag given to each entry when you cast your pick. The winner will walk away with a $2,000 travel card as well as an Optrix™ by Body Glove kit and accessories to capture every moment. As an added incentive to get you voting, one lucky person will win a Rough Guide Prize Pack worth $150.


Elise Chan, age 20 from Ottawa. Entry titled “Explore.” To vote for Elise use #travelcutsDOC1 on Twitter

Mark Harrison, age 28 from Toronto. Entry titled “3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes.” To vote for Mark use  #travelcutsDOC2 on Twitter

Valentyn Syenin, age 21 from Toronto. Entry titled “Wake Up.” To vote for Valentyn use #travelcutsDOC3 on Twitter

More about the festival

At the end of this month, the festival will showcase a series of videos taken by award-winning Toronto-based filmmaker Alexander Reid, in some of the earth’s most incredible, off-the-beaten-path places in Peru, Ecuador and Europe. The private screening will also feature the top three video submissions received in October and will announce the grand prize winner.

“The goal of this festival was to get young Canadians excited about travelling and seeing the world their way, something I think we accomplished based on all the fantastic entries received!” added Pannozzi. “We’re excited to see this much excitement around off-the-beaten-path travel and with so much interest in this year’s festival, we can’t wait to make this an annual initiative.”

For more information on the festival and how to vote, please visit


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