When to embrace your inner nerd

Is it acceptable to show your nerdy self. Is a my inner Star Wars obsession something I should reveal and embrace? The answer here is maybe. If you are a girl who is in a new relationship, it is always good to test the waters before shedding some light on your inner nerdisms. For example, on the first date you might want to leave out the fact that you dedicate your extra closet to comic books. The fact is although there are several men out there who enjoy comic books; this generalization does not work across the board. After speaking with a friend about his past dating experiences, he explained to me a past love interest revealed she loved video games. He thought it was cool at first but then the novelty eventually wore off and he figured he’s rather socialize with other adults rather than stay in and play Mario Kart. (Mario Kart is actually a very fun game- and I don’t blame her on addiction) But in all reality being a nerd is okay but within reason. I’m by no means saying you should change who you are- especially for a man. We all have quirks and this is what makes us unique. I’m just saying some things might be something you might not want to share until there is a certain level of comfort is reached.

An example for me: (This isn’t fair as you are simply a reader and haven’t gained my trust)… I quite enjoy tween sitcoms. Yes tween- a child in between their teenage years- television shows. An example of this would be Hannah Montanna or Corey in the House. Both can be found on the family channel and I am not afraid to admit that I enjoy them very much….

Fashion : The myth of the sexy nerd style
Now that we’ve dealt with your comic book obsession and video game touting, let’s get down to the more fun part- can you channel your inner sexy nerd style? The nerd look is coming back into style these days. Thick rimmed glasses with a touch of over shot vintage is the look all of the latest celebs are sporting nowadays. Add in some oversized pearls and some loafers while you’re at it. A Vintage T is always a nerd necessity and don’t forget to bike to work or better yet have a car that is older than your mom. That is hot.

So the moral of the story is… drum roll please, you can be a nerd action-wise within reason. Play video games for fun- don’t make a lifestyle out of it. Have a few comic books on the coffee table- not a closet full. Finally dressing like a nerd is not always a bad thing. You can pull the nerd look off if done right.

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