Welcome to insanity

and welcome to my blog. Most people tell me that the experiences in my life are unlike the ones they’ve ever experienced before. Weekly, I get told I should be writing these stories down in blog. I dedicate this blog to those who have laughed, gasped, and dopped the odd WTF.

This blog will be about Four major themes in my life:

1) Fashion- Why fashion you ask? Because fashion is like art. It is how one chooses to represent themselves both on a inner level and an outer appearance. Think of a Goth. She or he dresses in black, wears that god awful black lipstick, and usually has something with spikes on it (btw- so in this season). They are representing themselves through fashion. One can’t help but look at them as they pass by. So interesting, intriguing almost. Although I don’t like their style, they are beating to their own drum and that is just plain old cool with me.

2) Beauty- This is a topci that is near and dear to me. It’s not only about the make-up and hair (although this is a big part), it is about inner beauty and finding your beauty within. This is important for everyone- black, white, straight, gay, man, woman, toddler, senior. We all need to feel beautiful whether it’s a DIY face mask, a hundred dollar serum, or a self-esteem boost.

3) Life- My Life is a sitcom. I attract crazy people. I typically date the guy who marries the next girl. I have a dog who would rather eat my couch then his Pedigree. I have two gay best friends. I live in the largest city in Canada. I attract CRAZY people. And lastly, I am ANYTHING but average. You should know about my life because it might make you laugh, cry, feel angry, feel empowered, and just straight up be a good read

4)Music- Ahh something that is my passion. I will talk about my trials and tribulations as an artist who longs to be famous but gets settled and makes excuses…and my favourite current and past tunes.

I hope you dig the new blog I’m about to embark on. It will be a journey, but I promise it to be a fun ride.



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