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I enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage from time to time. Who am I kidding? I grew up in beer country, have a hard on for Niagara vineyards, and love the odd cooler. In my ‘adult’ age I have become more open to trying new brews, wines, and mixed drinks. This leads me to my topic of the day- coolers.

Coolers have been around as long as I can remember. After I turned 19, I recall flooring it to the liquor store to pick up something sweet before my big night out at a bar … a bar that could only house 200 people. I’m from a small town people – no cages, flashy lights, or stages. I didn’t even know what bottle service was until 3 years ago after moving to the big city – but I digress.


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Enjoying a cooler!

As I got older, I started doing the wine thing. I actually quite love wine to be frank. Honestly, I kind of forgot  about coolers all together. I was getting ready to go out on the town the other night and I decided to switch my drinking choice up a bit. Do you remember VEX? I do. These coolers used to be my go-to 10 years ago. I reunited with my old go-to beverage and what a pleasant surprise. They’ve upped the alcohol content to 7% making it one of the highest coolers on the market. Also this stuff is priced for a college student which makes both me and my bank account happy. It’s nice to take a night off of the expensive vodkas and wines. (I’m a liquor snob)

VEX also switched the flavours up. This year they launched Mango Passion. It’s pretty darn delicious and my number one pick when stocking up my fridge for company. It’s funny, when my friends come over and I hand them a VEX, they immediately go back to 99’ and reminisce. Then they are pleasantly surprised at how frickin’ delicious they taste. I like to think of it like freezies for adults. You get that sweet taste with a little extra kick.


VEX currently comes in 6-packs of Electric Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Smoothie, Kiwi Mango, and of course my favourite – Mango Passion.  You can also grab a 1 L bottle of Strawberry Pineapple.

It’s fun to switch it up once in a while and offer you guest something other than a boring glass of wine or a beer.

To find our more about VEX, you can follow them on Facebook or find them online HERE.

Cheers to another great week. I think I’ll have me a VEX and get this long weekend started!

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Hmmm, no milk?



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