Throwing the perfect wine party

Hostess with the mostess

Hostess with the mostess

I don’t care what anyone says – there is an art to throwing the perfect party. A lot of work goes into the planning and execution of creating the perfect get together. Recently, I threw a wine party for some of my closest friends. It was a hit to say the least.

Here are my tips to throwing the perfect party:

Beautiful ladies

Beautiful ladies

The People:
You are the company you keep and this only means that you should be surrounding yourself with beautiful, fun and inspiring people. I made sure to create an invite list full of amazing folks who bring nothing but a good time to the table. Honestly, I invited 60 people but only 20 came due to last minute invites, prior engagements and those travelling to the cottage for the summer. Also prepare for the most – always expect the least.

The Food:
My good friend and partner in crime GTONGE1 spent the entire day beforehand making the most incredible sliders topped with Havarti cheese and caramelized onions. Since it was a wine party we had delicious cheese, vegetables, homemade beet hummus, falafels and of course candy. Needless to say, my guests were not left hungry.

The Theme:
A party always has to have a theme. It just makes things a bit more fun. This time around I asked people to dress their Sunday best. I must say…my friends sure are classy people.

The Venue
I hosted the party at an amazing venue at a good friend’s condo rooftop. The backdrop was the beautiful Toronto metropolis. It was the perfect location for a couple of choice selfies with the sunset dropping behind the tall buildings in the far off distance. Magical to say the least.

Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi

The Booze
Some parties are BYOB but if you really want to throw an awesome get together, provide the liquor. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Sangria is a great option. In this case, we had a little help from our friends over at IYellow Wine Club and Robert Mondavi. Robert Mondavi makes an incredible wine and we offered both the options of red and white. My guests were very happy and satisfied with the selection.

So there you have it. Next time you plan a party, take these 4 things into consideration and try the best to blow it out of the water. If you have great company and quality wine, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.






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