These boots were made for walkin’

I remember my first pair of expensive shoes. They were Jeffery Campbell cross over leather wedges. I bought them at a boutique in Queen West, Toronto. I also remember scuffing them up after falling belligerently off of a patio at a dingy bar on College Street. Why was I wearing such expensive shoes to a dingy pub? More importantly, why was I at a dingy pub?

I am a big fan of Jeffery Campbell shoes. I recently made another big purchase and picked up a pair of his signature line spiked Lita Boots.  They are indeed a statement shoe and will more than likely go out of style in the next few months because they are so out there.

At least I will have had a few months of looking fly!

I suggest when looking to buy a pair of these boots you check to see if there is a hidden platform. This will give you both height and comfort.

Also if you are spending a wad of cash on these new shoes- make sure they are made with a quality material. I would never spend $150+ for something that is not real leather.

Take care of you boots.  Spray them beforehand.

I leave you with his new Claw boots. Simply beautiful!



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