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One of the things I love about living in Toronto is that there are always new and interesting things to do around the city. Today I was fortunate enough to spend some time at The Marshmallow Factory located at 709 Danforth Ave.

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After meeting the owner, I can see how passionate he is about his amazing creations. Norman gave me the run down of how this factory works and I left with a smile on my face and a sweet tooth satisfied.

The idea came to owner Norman Schaffer one day after heating up some marshmallows and adding the cream to his coffee. The mixture soon grew into new flavours and then new tasty treats like his featured Marshmallow Smoothies and Mallow Floats. He has perfected his recipe and his marshmallow is gluten, peanut, and gelatin free and vegetarian friendly.

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Lately I’ve become a little calorie conscious with bathing suit season just around the bend. That being said this treat is as close to guilt free as they come. With very little calories, it’s a snack that I can both enjoy and not  feel like I have to run on the treadmill for half of my night making up for it.

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I had the original vanilla marshmallow cream in a milk chocolate tulip bowl. Delicious is all I have to say. I’m a big fan of marshmallows. I sneak a teaspoon of Fluff every once in a while as a snack. This treat was a million times better than my regular teaspoon of Fluff.  The Marshmallow Factory offers several flavours including: Caramel, Rum, Mint, Champagne, Cherry, Cola, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, and Orange (just to name a few)… You can also pick up some pastries, pretzels, and chocolates.

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I left with a coffee topped with some espresso-flavoured marshmallow – a tribute to how The Marshmallow Factory came to be. I would recommend this fun delicious treat to anyone who looking for a switch up from your typical evening ice-cream or pastry. Choose your base and flavoured filling and then go to town with some toppings. Don’t worry a marshmallow specialist will be able to give you a hand in picking out the perfect combination.

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Click HERE to see what the Toronto Star had to say about The Marshmallow Factory.


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