Tea with a race car driver

Race car driver - Justin Wilson

Race car driver – Justin Wilson

Ever wonder how a race car driver thinks? They are jam-packed into this small vehicle driving at speeds unimaginable by the average person. What are they thinking? How are they feeling physically? These are all things I ask myself when I’m sitting watching the Indy. This year is a bit different in that these guys have to do it not once but twice when they come to Toronto in July.

Honda IndyCar supported by tea cups at William Ashley

Honda IndyCar supported by tea cups at William Ashley

Parked outside of William Ashley sat a stunning Indy race car perched on 4 single teacups. This is a tradition William Ashley has been doing for years and it managed to catch virtually everyone’s eyes who walked by. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Indy race driver Justin Wilson and the President of Honda Indy Toronto, Charlie Johnstone who led a fascinating conversation over tea and crumpets inside William Ashley, the perfect combo of a nitty-gritty racing meets a classic high tea. During the intimate sit down with a few lucky fans and some press, Wilson explained that racing is a very physical sport. There is a lot of training that is involved to ensure proper handling of the vehicle. Not only is a work out regimen in order for these drivers but like professional athletes, efficient diet is also something that is extremely important.

This year’s racing is best anyone has seen in quite some time but this isn’t scaring Wilson. He’s excited to hit the asphalt and he has his eye on the prize. A Toronto favourite James Hinchcliffe dominated the track this past weekend in Iowa making him the first Indy car driver to win three times this year. President of the Honda Indy here in Toronto, Charlie Johnstone mentioned how Toronto loves their racing – this my friends is no lie. The city fills with individuals from all over Canada and the US coming to see the race. Not only spectators but those who are part of the race crews also fill the city which makes for a fantastic weekend with plenty of new faces.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this year’s Indy especially now that I’ve met a race car driver, sat down with the President of Honda Indy Toronto, and Hinchcliffe just took the win in Iowa. It will definitely be an interesting drive in July. I wish the best of luck to Justin in the upcoming race. He was a pleasure to meet and I’m thankful for getting an inside view on how these races work and how these amazing drivers prepare themselves for the drive of their lives.

Haven’t got your tickets yet? Don’t wait because they more than likely will sell out. For more information, visit  You can also follow Honda Indy Toronto on Twitter @HondaIndy and ‘Like’ them on Facebook at


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