Take me to St. Tropez…

We’re all searching for the perfect self-tanner. I’ve had my snooki moment where I’ve found myself spending more time in tanning beds than outside in the real sun. What was I thinking? It was a rainy day last week and decided a little face vitamin D might just do the trick. Fifteen minutes later I came out looking like a lobster and feeling like a prune.

My ass a week later is still a bit red from my “tanbedburn”. There must be other options. I turn to my partner in crime and the most beautiful man I know. My gay besty. He did some research and came up with the perfect solution for us whiteys to get the perfect tanned skin. St. Tropez. People this is the best self-tanner around. It is expensive but is worth every penny.

The self-tanner is meant for Mediterranean skin therefore it has green tints. This eliminates the for the potential orange tints that are known to happen with most self-tanners.

I would recommend the product in foam. It is easy to apply and is streak less.


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