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Redbox: The Perfect Movie Night

When is the last time you’ve gone to the movie theatres? I can cost anywhere from $40-$50 nowadays when you  factor in the cost of dinner, popcorn and pop… Who has the budget for a movie night? I don’t want to have to be subjected to the Toonie Tuesday nights. They’re the worst. Forget about sneaking […]

Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw: 2013 Dating Is A Wrap!

This year has been a bit hard on the head when it comes to dating. A girlfriend told me just this last week that I am the ‘Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw’. I have to bow my head and admit this is true. I wish I could sum all of my romanic escapades into one post […]

Can a friend call dibs?

I took my dogs to the park this past weekend with one of my best girlfriends. We had a moment where we both saw the same guy and immediately fell smitten. In all fairness, she pointed him out first …but really did this matter? She ended up talking to him after her Maltese tried to […]

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