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Music: Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen

Good music makes me melt like butter. I can put on a song and play it for hours if the instruments, lyrics and voice are just right. That being said, there aren’t too many songs  that can be played 20-30 times in a row without making you sick… except maybe for Taylor Swift’s Shake it […]

OLD Music: Limblifter

I like this band. They formed when I was just a teenager back in 1996.  They are originally from Vancouver….Canada literally ROCKS! They released one of my favourite tunes: Ariel Vs. Lotus in 2000. Once you listen to this song, you’ll instantly be brought back to lockers, math books, Smirnoff Ice coolers, and awkward makeout […]

NEW Music: Half Moon Run

If you haven’t heard of Half Moon Run or at least YouTubed their tune Full Circle… then you are sadly missing out. With incredible sleek lyrics and a catchy simple riff that’ll have you in a somewhat of a trance; you will not be able to stop listening to this song on repeat for at […]

NEW Music: July Talk

Finding a band with a unique sound is like winning the jackpot. Literally, I would rather find an incredible album that I could listen to on repeat for days rather than win at a $5,000 scratch ticket. Well… maybe not $5,000 but you get the point. I recently stumbled across July Talk. Picture a 1940’s […]

New Music: Mapei

If you’re not digging Mapei’s single “Don’t Wait,” then sorry, you have no musical taste. The Swedish-American recording artist released her debut EP – The Cocoa Butter Diaries in 2009. Her latest single however was released only last year and has captured some rave reviews. The best way I can explain Mapei is – eerily […]

New Music: Wet – Wet

Finding new amazing music is like winning a small lottery. Not that I buy lottery tickets… but I think a couple million would feel mighty great. I recently stumbled upon a band called Wet – Wet, and I’m feeling slightly rich. Comprised of three talented young kids out of the big apple, the group has […]

Music: Justin Hines

It’s not everyday you come across an inspirational individual who makes you look at things differently and I mean truly look at what you’re doing here and now and become inspired to do more to achieve your dreams. I was lucky enough to meet someone today who has overcome extreme challenges and made it his […]

Music: FOALS

I’m a little late posting this but I have to share my new found love for the band Foals. Now I have been known to have a wide taste in music. I tend to lean on the indie rock side of things when it comes the typical tunes I listen to on a daily basis. […]

NEW Music: J Cole – Forbidden Fruit

  I am a big fan of J Cole’s hit Forbidden Fruit. The classic bass paired with the insane clever lyrics make it one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard. I first heard this song through a friend who loves hip-hop. I’m not a huge hip hop fan to be honest. I love the […]

Music: Cazzette – Beam Me Up

I’ve been pretty into trance and EDM ever since travelling to Mexico and attending the Toltec Music Festival a few years ago. Although when I go to these  DJ shows, I tend to be surrounded by your typical raver. This usually ends up being kids in their younger 20’s with highlighter tank tops and hard […]

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