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Organics Live

There’s nothing better than biting into an organic red delicious apple – the key word in that sentence being ‘Organic’. Many times we go to the grocery store and stock up on produce only to get home and realize the fruits and vegetables we’ve just purchased taste absolutely like nothing. I can’t keep track of […]

Beauty: The Accent Nail

I’m a big fan of going down the street and getting my nailed shellacked for less than $30. It’s quick, easy and it gets me out of the house. The only downside is – what if rains? What if I spent that last bit of money I have on a pair of tres cher jeans […]

Win with the The Green Living Show

I love trade shows. Maybe it’s the unique exhibitors, the free samples, or the awesome guest speakers. Whatever the reason, I am super excited The Green living show is coming up this month April 25-27. The Green Living Show is dedicated teaching individuals how to live a happier and healthy life. With over 400 vendors […]

A Night On Second Life

  Do you ever have those moments when you would just like to start over? Your boss pissed you off, your dog ate your favourite pumps, and the guy you’ve been chatting with has moved onto the next flavor of the week. We’ve all been there and it isn’t much fun. There are many ways […]

Not Your Grandfather’s Drink: Courvoisier Cognac

I have a pretty well rounded palette when it comes to liquor. I recently went on a sensory adventure with Courvoisier. For those of you who don’t know the brand Courvoisier – it’s a premium brand of cognac. Yes I said cognac. Now you’re probably thinking why the hell am I drinking the type of […]

Excuses Excuses: He’s Just Not That Into You

I’m a big fan of taking chances. Whether it’s taking a chance on a new job, buying that dress that you didn’t have time to try on or going on a date with a complete stranger. It’s these random experiences that make life that much more interesting and exciting. I recently went on a date […]

The Fantastic Four: 4 Blazers Under $40

Heeelllllooooo FRIDAY! I’ve scoped out the diva on a dime blazers and get this; they aren’t sitting on a sale rack. Here are my four under forty! 1. Dinner Jacket from H&M This drop collar blazer has accentuated shoulders giving it a slightly bolder edge when it comes to your standard blazer. It also is […]

VEX: The Cooler Cooler

I enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage from time to time. Who am I kidding? I grew up in beer country, have a hard on for Niagara vineyards, and love the odd cooler. In my ‘adult’ age I have become more open to trying new brews, wines, and mixed drinks. This leads me to my topic […]

Give a dog a biscuit: Northern Biscuit Bakery

Anyone who knows me knows I have two fur kids who I absolutely adore. Of course one has an addiction to destroying leather couches and the other is so needy I trip over her – she’s constantly under my feet. I nonetheless love them unconditionally. I’m known in my neighbourhood as the crazy lady with the […]

Raw Juice Guru

I have tried countless cleanses. From pills to powders, you name it, I’ve done it all. The tricky thing with cleanses, diets, and detoxes are the risks and side effects that come accompany them.  When I’ve done  pill detoxes in the past, I’ve had less than pleasant symptoms that I will not go into detail. […]

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