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Travel: Wine Country with Robert Mondavi

The sun had just started to peak out over the rolling valleys of California. The air was hot – desert like but with a warm satisfying breeze. It was in that moment in time when I knew this would be an experience I would never forget. I recently travelled to Napa Valley for a trip […]

Blue Mountain Getaway

  Never have I ever travelled to a ski resort when the trees were still in full fall bloom and the hills were covered with green grass rather than deep snow. You would be surprised just how much fun you can have at a ski resort off-season. Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario is an incredible […]

Travel: Navigate A Foreign City Like A Pro Using Your Smart Phone

Being a Lady Boss often means you find yourself spending lots of time up in the air in foreign cities you’ve never been before. Yes, I’m talking about business travel. Lost in translation? It’s no surprise that travelling to a foreign country can be overwhelming. Navigating your way through a world you have never visited, […]

Relationships: Moving in together

It’s Friday morning and you’re late for work because you can’t find your navy pencil skirt, your face wash has gone MIA and the cute pumps you bought last week somehow walked themselves over to your boyfriends place.  Your roommate just finished yelling at you saying she was about to file a missing persons report. […]

Moores Canadian Suit Drive: Give A Suit – Change A Life

Most times when we think of giving back, our minds immediately become fixated on soup kitchens, helping out at the local homeless shelter and spending countless hours upon hours with stray dogs at a pet shelter. Although these are very nice things to do for your community, giving back can be as easy as emptying […]

New Music: Mapei

If you’re not digging Mapei’s single “Don’t Wait,” then sorry, you have no musical taste. The Swedish-American recording artist released her debut EP – The Cocoa Butter Diaries in 2009. Her latest single however was released only last year and has captured some rave reviews. The best way I can explain Mapei is – eerily […]

New Music: Wet – Wet

Finding new amazing music is like winning a small lottery. Not that I buy lottery tickets… but I think a couple million would feel mighty great. I recently stumbled upon a band called Wet – Wet, and I’m feeling slightly rich. Comprised of three talented young kids out of the big apple, the group has […]

Micro Pedi by Emjoi: Put your best feet forward

I would have to say that I have to go to the spa to get a pedicure once every two to three weeks. This is not because I live a lavish lifestyle. This is simply because I have the worst feet on planet earth. I once found out that a guy I was dating had […]

Cocktails with Alvear Amontillado Sherry

Think about your liquor cabinet for one second. I can tell you exactly what’s in mine. I’ve got a quart of vodka, 2 bottles of red wine, a quart of rum, a bottle of Courvoisier, and a bottle of Sherry from Alvear Wineries. Don Diego de Alvear y Escalera began production over 275 years ago […]

Dating Chronicles: ‘The Blow Off’

It always amazes me the quality of men out there – and not in a good way. You’d think I’ve been jaded with all of my pessimistic  relationship posts. Maybe I have become slightly jaded thinking the glass is always half empty. I’m ready for someone to fill up my cup and prove me wrong! […]

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