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The art of saying ‘I’m Just Not That Into You’

Dating can be such an amazing experience. The thrill of meeting a person for the first time, a first kiss, cracking a joke and having the other person laugh slightly louder than usual… these are all things that make our knees weak and pin our hearts to our sleeves. The first few months of a new […]

Safe Sex is Sexy

All I have to say is Safe Sex is Sexy!… okay I have more to say. Condoms are not like they used to be. Gone are the days of bulky latex offering up what felt like an actual rubber glove. Today most of these lovely gems are made with polyurethane material which is twice as […]

Goodbye Tinder – Why I’m breaking up with you

I would’ve purchased stocks in Tinder – this is how much I liked the app. Noticed the ‘liked’ reference. I was a Tinderette for a while always swiping when I wasn’t busy. It was a great way to pass time. Besides, every once in a while I would go on a date and it wouldn’t […]

The Red Flags Of Dating A Player

  Don’t play me, playing is something you do with a board game or a lottery ticket. Yes, this is my mantra on the regular basis when it comes to the perils of dating men who are in fact dating half of the city while I’m slaving away making a candlelit pasta dinner for two […]

Relationships: Moving in together

It’s Friday morning and you’re late for work because you can’t find your navy pencil skirt, your face wash has gone MIA and the cute pumps you bought last week somehow walked themselves over to your boyfriends place.  Your roommate just finished yelling at you saying she was about to file a missing persons report. […]

Dating Chronicles: ‘The Blow Off’

It always amazes me the quality of men out there – and not in a good way. You’d think I’ve been jaded with all of my pessimistic  relationship posts. Maybe I have become slightly jaded thinking the glass is always half empty. I’m ready for someone to fill up my cup and prove me wrong! […]

The Science of Sex: Chemistry

Chemistry – is sexual chemistry a real thing? I used to think that it was nothing more than an old wives’ tale but now I am not so sure. I’m starting to think that sexual chemistry is something that is far more important and more real than ever before. Remember that time you were at […]

Dating Chronicles: It’s a small world after all

There have been a few certain times in my life where I have had the ‘jaw-dropping’ moment in where I am so shocked and in awe of how small our world really is. My world currently is Toronto. This is the largest city in all of Canada. There are millions of people who live here […]

Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw: 2013 Dating Is A Wrap!

This year has been a bit hard on the head when it comes to dating. A girlfriend told me just this last week that I am the ‘Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw’. I have to bow my head and admit this is true. I wish I could sum all of my romanic escapades into one post […]

A Night On Second Life

  Do you ever have those moments when you would just like to start over? Your boss pissed you off, your dog ate your favourite pumps, and the guy you’ve been chatting with has moved onto the next flavor of the week. We’ve all been there and it isn’t much fun. There are many ways […]

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