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Getting Pampered at Salon Davachi

Post written on behalf of the lovely Lisa Raffaele over at A Life in Flats. Do yourself a favour and follow this gal. Ever notice how significant a role our outer appearance has on how we feel inside? I know it’s what’s inside that counts, but hear me out. I’m not disputing that inner beauty plays […]

Blue Mountain Getaway

  Never have I ever travelled to a ski resort when the trees were still in full fall bloom and the hills were covered with green grass rather than deep snow. You would be surprised just how much fun you can have at a ski resort off-season. Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario is an incredible […]

A Quality Glass of Wine

How do you know when you’ve become an adult? There are a few defining moments in one’s life when the realization of adulthood comes to fruition. 1) You no longer rely on your parents to pay your cell phone bill 2) There is the grave possibility you can grow a human being inside of you […]

Relationships: Moving in together

It’s Friday morning and you’re late for work because you can’t find your navy pencil skirt, your face wash has gone MIA and the cute pumps you bought last week somehow walked themselves over to your boyfriends place.  Your roommate just finished yelling at you saying she was about to file a missing persons report. […]

Moores Canadian Suit Drive: Give A Suit – Change A Life

Most times when we think of giving back, our minds immediately become fixated on soup kitchens, helping out at the local homeless shelter and spending countless hours upon hours with stray dogs at a pet shelter. Although these are very nice things to do for your community, giving back can be as easy as emptying […]

Micro Pedi by Emjoi: Put your best feet forward

I would have to say that I have to go to the spa to get a pedicure once every two to three weeks. This is not because I live a lavish lifestyle. This is simply because I have the worst feet on planet earth. I once found out that a guy I was dating had […]

NEW Music: J Cole – Forbidden Fruit

  I am a big fan of J Cole’s hit Forbidden Fruit. The classic bass paired with the insane clever lyrics make it one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard. I first heard this song through a friend who loves hip-hop. I’m not a huge hip hop fan to be honest. I love the […]

St. Patrick’s Day with GUINNESS Canada

St Patrick’s Day is one of my favourite holidays – even though it is not a holiday and I’ll be busy at work while some people will be lining up outside of Irish pubs into the wee hours of this morning. I always make sure I have my green wig, my flashy light up green […]

Music: Cazzette – Beam Me Up

I’ve been pretty into trance and EDM ever since travelling to Mexico and attending the Toltec Music Festival a few years ago. Although when I go to these  DJ shows, I tend to be surrounded by your typical raver. This usually ends up being kids in their younger 20’s with highlighter tank tops and hard […]

Bad To The Bone Bridesmaids

Weddings seem to keep popping up as I’m getting older. Many of my friends are saying the “I do’s”. Most of my girlfriends are at that stage where the ring is just around the corner. There are a few of us singletons – but not many. That being said, I have to start thinking about […]

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