Sweetgrass Spa: A Sweet Experience

I recently had the priviledge of going to Sweetgrass Spa located on 111 Queen St E. This is not your typical spa. In fact, it is one of the only women’s only spas in Toronto….next to Body Blitz. Sorry guys…I remember a time when you didn’t let us vote…Ahem, I digress. The atmosphere is absolutely beautiful and it’s combined with a flower shop. What an amazing concept. I quite enjoy the fact that you can walk in and leave feeling like a million bucks with flowers in hand. Hmmm maybe boyfriends aren’t necessary after all?

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The lovely ladies at Sweetgrass

The minute I walked in the door, I felt like a princess. The decor is like something you would see  featured in a magazine – clean, fresh and exciting. The staff are also amazing and super helpful. I had a manicure done by one of the best nail techs around. I chose a textured colour by OPI that made my nails looks amazing.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.56.23 PM

The best eyeshadows I’ve ever used

Afterwards I had my make-up done using all of Sweetgrass’ new products. Yes that’s right folks, Sweetgrass now has their own line of cosmetic products. They are all made in Canada and the beauty experts at Sweetgrass had a hand in the development of all of the colours and textures of the line. My personal favourite were the eyeshadows. Nothing I have ever used before beats this product. Their colours are divine and the make-up lasts forever. After a night of hitting the dance floor, I was surprised when I awoke the next morning with all of my make-up intact. I didn’t wash my face upon stumbling in late that night…shame on me. I literally could’ve gone out the next day sans touch-up. Walk of shame make-up anyone? I think so.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the make-up application. My make-up artist taught me many tricks that I will now use in my everyday application. She showed me how to properly apply blush, concealer and bronzer. She also gave me the tips and tricks of the trade on how to look absolutely fabulous with minimal effort- something a girl on the run needs.

Now you’re probably thinking that this cosmetic line is ridiculously expensive seeing that it was developed by a small spa rather than a huge cosmetic company. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most if not all of the line was very reasonably priced. Most lipsticks and eyeshadows range between $20-$30. Now that is music to my ears!

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.56.13 PM

Fall 2013 colours

Although I am a huge fan of their eyeshadow, they also have beautiful lip colours. Like this red I’m wearing below? I love MAC – Russian Red but it has nothing on these new lips (wearing Sourpuss by Verity for Sweetgrass). Finding a red tone that encompasses everything you look for in a lipstick can be very difficult. It’s almost as difficult as finding a man. I have gone on several war paint expeditions in search of the perfect colour for fall. I have to say my tour stopped with the new line by Sweetgrass. They simply have every colour a girl could ask for with the quality of high brand names and the prices that most people can afford.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.57.43 PM

After putting on the lipstick that might change my life…

I would recommend Sweetgrass to anyone looking for spa services, make-up or simply looking to pick up some pretty flowers. Their beauty experts can give you an idea of what colours you should be wearing this fall and what products will work the best with your skin type. Check them out HERE, you won’t regret it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.56.34 PM

Getting our nails did!



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