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I love living in large city. I can literally find something to do every night of the week. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for Indian or Chinese, I can get virtually any kind of food I want and when I’m strapped for an outfit, I can easily go to a shopping mall  just around the corner.

Although I love all of these things about the metropolis I live in, sometimes they are the exact things I dislike about living in a big city. Sometimes you just have to get away from the chaos of living with literally millions of people in a concrete jungle. I forgot just how much I missed mother nature. It’s weird when you see a field for the first time and you think to yourself – hmmm how many condos could fit in that radius? – a sure sign I am in fact becoming a true city dweller. I hope my father isn’t reading this.

Equinox - the best...

Equinox – the best…

I recently got out of town and into the country on the #ChevyDrive with Chevrolet Canada. I got to spend the day with a good friend as we hit the open roads of Ontario in four of Chevy’s amazing vehicles. I haven’t driven a newer car in quite sometime. I don’t typically drive in the city – not by choice but simply because I rarely have the need. I am finding that the older I get the more I’m looking into getting a car for the simple fact I’d be able to escape and explore new roads whenever I please. Driving can be so much of an adventure- something we forget when we don’t do it for a while.

Eggs Benny... yummmmm

Eggs Benny… yummmmm

After enjoying an amazing brunch at Joy Bistro, we jumped in a Chevrolet Equinox – a roomy SUV with all of the bells and whistles. This vehicle was amazing to drive. It would be perfect for the person who loves heading out on a weekend camping adventure – something I used to do all of the time when I lived in the East Coast.

We drove for an hour and bit to the Marcelle’s Kitchen in Port Perry where we eyeballed several gluten free baked goods – I recommend the muffins.  After our bakery trip, we hit the open road again in a Chevrolet Malibu stopping along the way to take foolish pictures like any thirty year old would do.

Now I know you’re all thinking – a Malibu, isn’t that the kind of car your father would drive? It was actually one of my favourite vehicles to drive. It was spacious and the interior was pretty stunning. I like the fact that it has start/stop technology meaning that whenever the car comes to a complete stop, the engine shuts off. This saves the environment and … ahem money on gas. Let’s not forget living in a city can get crazy expensive. Save where you can folks.

Alt - Best station ever...

Alt – Best station ever…

We drove with the windows wide open and our SiriusXM radio blaring urban hip hop jams for the better part of an hour. We had finally arrived in  quaint and adorable Bobcaygeon. This is a small town in rural Ontario with roughly 2,500 people. It’s also a Tragically Hip hit – say that ten times fast! Situated among several lakes, tourists, boaters and our group cheerfully checked out the shops and cafes after having lunch at The Water’s Edge.

Photo courtesy of MJ

Photo courtesy of MJ

After exploring and eating way too much chocolate ice cream…we hit the pavement in a Cruze Diesel. Did you know that a Canadian couple drove from Vancouve, BC all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia on only three tanks of fuel?  This is not a lie and you can thank me later should you purchase this economic beast of a car. I felt like I was driving a sports car and, as we all know, that is a great feeling. We stopped on the side of the road where a man was selling honey and beeswax candles out of his house. Have you ever tasted real honey before? Not processed but delicious golden honey made from bees and only bees? It’s actually one of the most amazing things you will ever put in your mouth.

photo 3

Enjoying the goats

We drove along the open road to Willowtree Farms. There we picked up some produce that actually tastes like real fruit and vegetables. Now imagine farm picked fresh strawberries lightly coated in real honey that a sweet random 90 year old man made with his own hands? Mind blown yet?

Last but not least, we made our trek back in the Chevrolet Spark. The denim blue mini car was a blast to drive and was so compact that it was extremely easy to maneuver around the packed streets of Toronto. It would be the absolute perfect car for someone who is challenged when it comes to parallel parking such as myself. Maybe of I had this car during my driving test 12 years ago, I would’ve passed the first time instead of the fourth…

Lots of room for fresh produce!

Lots of room for fresh produce!

By the end of the day I was exhausted. Maybe it was from the great food we ate, or me not being used to driving for such a long time. Maybe it was the fresh air of the country or the amount of fun I had at each planned stop with my new found friends. Whatever the reason, I was extremely thankful for an awesome day spent with awesome people in awesome vehicles.

Chevrolet has been making vehicles for over 100 years so they know what they’re doing. I can remember my 85′ black short cab Chevy Shorty as a teenager. It was one of my first vehicles and beleive me when I say, the high school motor heads got their rocks off when I started the engine… but I digress. The future of cars looks incredible from turn by turn directions from OnStar to being able the accessibility to Wifi in all of the new 2015 Chevrolet cars. These certainly aren’t the vehicles I remember driving 4 or 5 years ago. Heck even the Spark was designed with a little help from Michael Bay and the Transformers. How cool is that?

Maybe a car is the missing puzzle piece to my happiness in… I mean out of the city.

Food for thought?

Some of the sweet rides from the Chevrolet line up

Some of the sweet rides from the Chevrolet line up


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