St. Patrick’s Day with GUINNESS Canada

St Patrick’s Day is one of my favourite holidays – even though it is not a holiday and I’ll be busy at work while some people will be lining up outside of Irish pubs into the wee hours of this morning.

I always make sure I have my green wig, my flashy light up green emerald ring, and my ‘Kiss Me, I’m A McKay’ T-shirt pressed and ready to go. While some people like to carry a source of green food dye around with them, I prefer the only go-to a true Irish lady would enjoy- a GUINNESS. I had the pleasure of attending the GUINNESS Canada St. Paddy’s Day Weekend event at the Ceili Cottage this past Thursday. We were shuffled into a heated yurt for some delicious food and a few pints of the world’s most delicious beer – GUINNESS. I even got to attempt the ‘Perfect Pour’ with a few hot Irish lads. Damn I should’ve slipped them my digits. Typically every year, I get bogged down with wheat beer accompanied by green food dye. GUINNESS however has the motto: “Friends don’t let friends drink green beer” – a campaign slogan that I will now abide by.

So I bet you’re wondering about these hot Irish lads I just spoke of. This year, GUINNESS handpicked two Irish recruits to teach Canadians about their Irish patriotism, and the authentic way to celebrate. Dubliner Mark Rossiter, a proud Irish barman with the nickname “Happy,” and David Tunney, a 5th generation Dubliner  helped kick off St. Patrick’s Weekend.

“As Irishmen, we are thrilled that Canada loves St. Patrick’s Day,” said Mark Rossiter. “However, hearing about green beer and party beads, I feel that it is my patriotic duty to share with Canadians the authentic and customary Irish celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.”

Additional ways to make Canadian celebrations more authentically Irish, include:

1. Choosing authentic fare:

  • Say “sláinte” to real Irish brews such as GUINNESS. Or try a traditional Irish breakfast: eggs and bangers (Irish sausage), grilled tomato, and rashers (Irish bacon).

2. Choosing an Irish venue:

  • Toronto is home to a number of Irish pubs.  Check out the GUINNESS St. Patrick’s Weekend City Guide to find your local Irish spot.

3. Singing and dancing:

  • Traditional Irish song and dance is a great way to let loose and celebrate St. Patrick’s Weekend responsibly with your friends.

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