Spring Break: Toltec Music Festival

For all of you who have never done the Spring Break thing, you should do it while you’re young. I realize I might be dating myself from this post but I feel like it is a piece of advice I need to share. I recently went down south on a business related matter. It was a whole bunch of craziness and a whole lot of fun.

Kids these days sure know how to party. The drinks were a flowin’, the beats were goin’ and the fun was the just the beginning. We were in Cancun for the Toltec Music Festival. For those of you who know nothing about this music festival, I suggest you educate yourself and get on it. I’m not a typical fan of house music but I’m pretty sure I have developed some wicked arm muscles from the excessive fist pumping I was doing during my week in Mexico.

Only the best DJ’s from around the world are featured in this festival making it a dance party of a lifetime. You will not stop dancing. This was nice for me because I ended up dropping Lbs rather than gaining it from the all you can eat buffets.


The clubs in Cancun aren’t like the clubs in Canada. Yes- I’m grouping all of Canada as a whole when it comes to the club situation. I live in one of the largest cities in North America and we don’t even have clubs like the ones I saw in Cancun. Imagine 5-6 thousand people dancing. Paint parties, foam parties, enough confetti to kill a small forest.

I recommend Spring Break for anyone who wants to sow their oats while the getting’ is good. Also anyone who is the appropriate age for Spring Break will probably not get that reference.

Tata for now!


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