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Sign me up!

It’s almost that time of year… no I don’t mean Thanksgiving… I mean Spa Week sponsored by Way Spa where back rubs, facials and mani-pedis are rampant in major cities Canada-wide. Can’t afford a $200 stone massage? Don’t feel bad – neither can I. This week however I can. Spa Week (Oct 15-21) features top spas Canada-wide with treatments for only $50. That’s right – skip going out for lunch for a few days and enjoys a magical massage for only $50.

I love heading to the spa. It completely zens me out and puts me in a relaxing mood. The melodic sounds, the treatments and the soothing environment makes for an amazing time for one to forget their troubles and and completely de-stress. Purchasers will have the option of indulging at many luxury spas within their city centres, as well as surrounding towns and suburbs. A few of these include The Shizen Spas at the Cosmopolitan and Pantages Hotel, Novo Spa or the Caesar’s Spas around Toronto.

Who doesn't love a stone massage?

Who doesn’t love a stone massage?

The complete directory of participating spas can be found at, allowing customers direct contact to book their services at their chosen location. Given the high demand for services people are encouraged to book their treatment right away to avoid disappointment, as this fantastic deal only comes twice a year!
It’s time to treat yourself and at $50 you can’t afford not to!


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