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I’m not typically one for marathons. I’m not a huge fan of running for hours and hours on end. Walking however I can certainly do. I recently stumbled upon an amazing initiative that helps the SickKids Foundation and is generally an all out fun experience for the whole family. The Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure is a fundraiser and a camp-themed challenge-by-choice up to 20KM walk that will take part this September 28, 2013. The funds raised will go towards the SickKids Foundation – helping those in need achieve a healthy and better life.

Registration is open now

Registration is open now

“The beauty of The Great Camp Adventure’s challenge-by-choice format is that it allows participants to take charge of their day, so families can walk the whole 20 kilometres, or go just as far as their feet can take them,” said Amy Milne, Director, Events at SickKids Foundation. “When participants are ready to call it quits, our camp buses will take them back to Fort York.”

This isn’t your typical walk-a-thon. Along the walk will be various campsites set up to make crafts, snack stations, play games, join sing-alongs, and more! This initiative was designed for the whole family. Have a stroller, a grandma, and couple of kids full of energy? If your answer is ‘YES’ then this is the right activity for you!

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Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the launch and open house for the Great Camp Adventure. Ryan Parker from Q107 and the Q Team was on site as well as YTV Andy. It was a great day and everyone who came out had a fantastic time. We made our own wood cookies and then hit the road for a 5km walk. When we got to the special campsite halfway at the 2.5 km mark, we enjoyed some snacks and played some games. We then headed back to the Balmy Beach Club where some more fun and ….ahem….smores (my favourite) were had.

About to take part in some sweet games!

About to take part in some sweet games!

Growing up in the East Coast, camping was a regular part of my life. Setting up the tent and building a campfire was something my parents instilled in me at a young age. Since moving to the city, I haven’t really had the chance to show off my MacGyver moves and fire-starting skills. Taking part in this event is a great way for me to relive those fun times of my childhood while also helping out my community.

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Registration is now open to the public. Hope to see you all on September 28th!


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