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Second Life

Second Life

Do you ever have those moments when you would just like to start over? Your boss pissed you off, your dog ate your favourite pumps, and the guy you’ve been chatting with has moved onto the next flavor of the week. We’ve all been there and it isn’t much fun. There are many ways you can get over a slump. I personally take the ‘grab the world by the balls’ approach and go on a healthy eating and fitness kick. This usually lasts for a good 2 weeks but slowly tappers off. Others turn to more intense ways to handle the stress of being stressed.  I recently watched a documentary on the online game called Second Life. It essentially is an online world where you can create own destiny. You create a Sim to look exactly the way you want from hair right down to weight and height. You customize your online life. Second Life is made up of with people from all over the world. I decided I would give the ole Second Life a try one night. I was insanely bored and Long Island Medium was on its 90th episode of the day.

I was pretty excited at the fact that I could be anyone I wanted to be. I made myself into this petite girl with long dark hair. I naturally gave myself a pretty face and wore an outfit potentially risqué for the digital world. I chatted with a few people from Europe and then befriended a guy from New Jersey. We chatted for 45 minutes until I grew tired of the ‘world’ I was in. I learnt a lot about my new friend. He had been on Second Life for 6 years. He talked about how he was addicted for several years. Second Life can have this effect on some people. Marriages have been lost along with jobs, relationships, and all sense of reality in some cases. Although it has become a major problem for some people, it is something that has saved and bettered many lives. For individuals who are unable to leave the house due to disabilities or some kind of misfortunes, Second Life gives them a chance at achieving whatever they want in digital form.  Individuals can even have virtual sex resulting in kids.


Sexy fisher-woman.. You can be anything you want

I’m not going to lie, the pervert in me wanted to see what virtual sex looks like. I went to a ‘sex’ world and got an eye full. It wasn’t long before I logged off and thanked my lucky stars that I’m quite content in my real life and don’t need Second Life as a resource of fulfillment. I quite enjoyed this experiment and am glad I got to ‘meet’ a few new ‘avatars’ on Second Life. It’s the X-rated Sims in some cases but in others, it is an outlet for people who have a difficulty dealing in the real world to have a fresh start – a new beginning.


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