The Science of Sex: Chemistry


Yup… that’s Chemistry

Chemistry – is sexual chemistry a real thing? I used to think that it was nothing more than an old wives’ tale but now I am not so sure. I’m starting to think that sexual chemistry is something that is far more important and more real than ever before. Remember that time you were at the bar with that Greek Godlike handsome man with abs you could wash your  laundry off of? Remember kissing him and feeling nothing? Where was the chemistry? It wasn’t that you weren’t attracted to him. You both chatted each other’s ears off all night but when push came to shove, the feelings and urge were just not there.

This happens to the best of us and when it’s not there and you want so badly for it to be…well… it just sucks. BUT when it is there and you don’t expect it – it’s the most scientifically magical thing in the world. Voila Chemistry!

I dive into this topic because I have been down this road before. I remember trying to be with someone and above all trying to force something that just wasn’t there. It wasn’t that I didn’t have feelings or genuinely didn’t like the person. It simply was because that person didn’t make me weak in the knees. Now that being said, I’ve also experienced – most recently the most amazing chemistry – that moment when you’re so into the other person that you forget about everything else. All tension goes out the door along with your inhibition. Vulnerability comes into play and letting your guard down and being vulnerable becomes the key player in being your most true genuine self.

Chemistry is an important part to a relationship. There is absolutely no doubt about that. It allows you to feel comfortable around the person you’re with which is a bonus in itself. It makes being together easy – and this my friends, is half the battle. If you can confidently enjoy being with one another and the ‘sparks fly’ so to speak – then it just might be something worth pursuing in some degree.

Chemistry doesn’t have to be used in the sexual sense either. Think about some of the people you hang around with or perhaps that peppy individual you work with. Energy exudes from them and everything seems to jive. Hence – Chemistry.

NOTE: Chemistry doesn’t mean that the person is a good or noble in other ways. This is also something that I have learnt recently. Just because he’s a good kisser doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. Chemistry can try and trick you into thinking that he is the catch of the century but if he’s not emotionally available – throw him back to the sea. Heaven forbid… there’s plenty of  other fish in the sea.

Geez I feel like a scientist!


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