Rob Ford: Our Crack Smoking Mayor

Rob Ford. He won’t go down in history as the greatest Mayor of Toronto but he will go down as the alcoholic who smokes crack occasionally. Apparently we just a sled the wrong question. He’s not an addict he is just an occasional connoisseur of the hard drug. Although we can poke fun at the whole situation, isn’t it a bit concerning that the man running the fourth largest city in North America has recently admitted to smoking crack? What is more concerning is that he is adamant on the fact that he wants to continue in office. He promises to cut down on his alcohol problem. Funny…as an alcoholic cutting down on the problem simply is not an easy fix. Stopping altogether however might be a good solution. While he works on getting a handle on the problem isn’t it a good idea to step down from office and let someone who sips the occasional glass of wine a chance at mayor?

Using alcohol is not an excuse to smoke crack. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have found myself in a drunken stupor but I do know that I’ve never hit the crack pipe while intoxicated or ever for that matter. I will eat excessive amounts of McDonalds which might be just as bad for you but never crack.

Mayor Ford needs to do the responsible thing and step down from office. He is only doing Toronto a disservice. The story is still rampant amongst the media worldwide and has cast a crack shadow on our great city.

After this brief rant, I would like to share some fun I had on the whole subject matter. I wrote a song to the Jay-Z hit Tom Ford. It was only a matter of time. Garrett is rapping it. Please give it a listen and laugh a little.


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