Review: Krups Lattecino 2-in-1 Coffee Maker with Professional Milk Frothier

I lead a busy life. When I’m not working, I’m writing and when I’m not writing, I’m playing guitar, and when I’m not playing guitar, I at the gym or out for a walk with the dogs, and when I’m…. you get the point. The fact is, coffee, well caffeine is something that has to be a constant in my life. It’s the fuel that I need and require to keep my batteries charged. Without this lifesaving liquid I would be but a zombie lurking around sans makeup with mismatching shoes – a scary sight indeed.

I’ve always maintained the mantra of owning a good coffee machine. I once owned a Breville. I loved it… until it broke and I was left buying Tim Hortons for 2 weeks. Not that there is anything wrong with a good ole fashioned Tims. It is most times the Canadian way.  I recently came across the new Krups Lattecino 2-in-1 Coffee Maker with Professional Milk Frothier. Coffee is no longer just coffee. With an attached milk frother that can both steam or froth milk, creating a layered Cappuccino or thick latte has never been such a breeze. I had always thought drinks that taste this good could only come from the hands of my favourite Starbucks barista.

I have to say I love the design of the machine and it not only looks great but also, makes a perfectly balanced brew of coffee. Secret: my new favourite thing to make is Café con Leché with a hint of vanilla. Last time I was in Mexico I purchased a bottle of organic Mexican vanilla that is simply to die for. I just add a tiny bit to my drink et voila! This machine has made the list of kitchen must haves – right up there with a rice cooker (I would not survive without mine), a handheld blender (the most amazing thing since television), and a microwave (hey, I never said I was a cook). The Krups Lattecino will be  available April 2014 in select retailers and online at It retails for only $149.99 – a far cry for what what I have paid for some of my coffee and espresso machines in the past.

Krups, Marry me?

Krups, Marry me?


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