Relationships: Moving in together

You best be getting rid of that tennis racket

You best be getting rid of that tennis racket

It’s Friday morning and you’re late for work because you can’t find your navy pencil skirt, your face wash has gone MIA and the cute pumps you bought last week somehow walked themselves over to your boyfriends place.  Your roommate just finished yelling at you saying she was about to file a missing persons report. Was this the first time in 2 weeks you’ve stepped foot in your own apartment?

My friends, it is time to have that important talk with your special someone; maybe it’s time to shack up.

Living with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the major steps in a relationship and must be well thought out before the packing tape and boxes start flying. Having your own space is one thing but when times are tough and you’re living in close quarters, the laundry room seems like less of an appealing space to hide.




On the other hand, regular sex, morning breakfasts and dinners and hopefully the next integral step to a serious relationship – a princess cut diamond… could be the result of a successful cohabitation between two people who really love each other.

The fact of the matter is that living with someone can completely change the dynamic of a relationship. In other words it’s a ‘make it or break it’ determining factor of whether or not you’re meant to be long term. If you can overcome your partner’s quirks (ones like: constantly leaving the toilet seat up, snoring like your great grandfather and the sports channel never being shut off…you get the drill), then this could be a major step to figuring out if this is in fact ‘the one’.

The important thing before making the decision to live together is to take the time to think it through. There is no immediate hurry to sharing the same bathroom – trust me! That being said, if your roommate is always left wondering if you’ve skipped town and your finding yourself more and more at home at the ole ball and chain’s house then maybe it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.

Living with a partner can be very exciting. It’s a serious step that will result in either a trip down the isle or to the nearest tavern for a post-break up drink. Either way, it’s an important inevitable step that must be taken in every long term relationship.


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