Redbox: The Perfect Movie Night

Long live the DVD

Long live the DVD

When is the last time you’ve gone to the movie theatres? I can cost anywhere from $40-$50 nowadays when you  factor in the cost of dinner, popcorn and pop… Who has the budget for a movie night? I don’t want to have to be subjected to the Toonie Tuesday nights. They’re the worst. Forget about sneaking a 12” pizza past the theatre staff. The best seats are in your home where you are steps away from your fridge and pressing pause on the DVD player for a quick break when needed. Now you’re probably thinking DVD? Dust yours off because there’s a new movie mogul in town. It’ll also cost you only $1.50.

Have you noticed the Redbox kiosks outside of your grocery stores, drug stores, Timmies, ect…? These are kiosks that rents the latest in new releases for… drum roll please…. a buck and a half!

Here are some great tips on how to enjoy the ultimate movie night at home:

  1. Keep your audience in mind:  Not everyone enjoys a scare that forces you to cover your eyes or peak under the bed before falling asleep. Try to pick a genre that everyone will enjoy by checking out some of the latest movie reviews you plan to watch. This will give you a good idea on what movies are hot and what’s not.
  2. Prepare your personal theatre: Grab your favourite blanket, dim the lights, turn up the volume and don’t forget the snacks. Watching movie just isn’t the same without popcorn.
  3. Get your gab on: Get caught up before the movie starts. This will allow for fewer
    interruptions throughout. Put your phones on silent or vibrate. There’s nothing worse than a phone ringing during one of the most suspenseful parts of a movie.
  4. Intermission:  The popcorn needs to be refilled and the dog needs to be let out. Set a time for a quick 5-minute intermission to do what you need to do.
  5. Rent with ease: Movie night can be any night of the week, even on the go! With Redbox, you can reserve your movie online and pick up and return it to any Redbox across Canada.


What are some of your tips for a great night in? C’mon share that dip mix with me!



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