The Red Flags Of Dating A Player


Ugh... the worst

Ugh… the worst

Don’t play me, playing is something you do with a board game or a lottery ticket. Yes, this is my mantra on the regular basis when it comes to the perils of dating men who are in fact dating half of the city while I’m slaving away making a candlelit pasta dinner for two from scratch. Please note – I’ve been known to overcook water. I digress; although the term player often refers to males, women can be just as bad, scheduling 2-3 dates in a 2-day period (or so I’ve heard). Do the math – something isn’t quite adding up here.

The truth is, no matter whether you’re a man or a woman the term player is equally applicable to both sexes. Players are players for a reason – because they can be. They usually are very attractive, have an insatiable amount of charisma and are social by nature. So how do you know if you’re dating a player? Trust your gut. If you’re seeing red flags, don’t ignore them.

Here are some signs to watch out for when it comes to identifying a player:

1) Secret Service: Their phone is locked up tighter than Fort Knox and is constantly blowing up with random messages

2) Excuses, Excuses: Constant excuses are made as to why they can’t get together or have to suddenly cancel

4) Birds of feather flock together: their friends are recognizably players themselves

5) Quick to jump into bed: He or she would like to get to know you more inside than outside

6) “Let’s grab a drink”: Your dates typically involve alcohol, and nothing else…

7) Communication is a bare minimum: “Why is he/she not texting me back?” – because they are too busy texting 20 other potential ponds

8) Family matters: Refuses to meet your friends or family

9) Twilight without the happy ending: He or she thinks you’re a vampire as you can only ever be seen together in the evenings or in dimly lit corners of restaurants

10) Sudden amnesia: You’ve heard the same story about that time in Vegas for the hundredth time

If you’ve come across one or more of these telltale signs, most likely you’ve got yourself a player.  A few words of advice – RUN, cut your losses. You’re worth more than just being another number to someone who doesn’t appreciate and respect you.


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