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I have tried countless cleanses. From pills to powders, you name it, I’ve done it all. The tricky thing with cleanses, diets, and detoxes are the risks and side effects that come accompany them.  When I’ve done  pill detoxes in the past, I’ve had less than pleasant symptoms that I will not go into detail. I often would question myself whether the detox was even worth the pain I would go through.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Raw Juice Guru cleanse. Never in my wildest imagination would I ever of thought I would be drinking only juice for three straight days. This would be a difficult task I thought to myself. The night before, I felt like I was saying good-bye to my best friend – solid foods. I ate a piece of toast. I felt a connection with every bite. Really, has food become that much of a comfort to me? This was/is a problem. I knew I would be in good hands – after all the Raw Juice Guru was featured on The Morning Show and Joe Cross from the Documentary “Fat sick and nearly Dead” even enjoys their product from time to time.

The first day, a cooler full of fresh juice was delivered to my door. Six large bottles and two power shots were going to be my sole nutrition for the next 24 hours. I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious the juices were. I could tell the juice was made that day as it was truly a fresh as could be. The Raw Juice Guru uses only organic produce and their juice is 100% handmade. I thought I would be longing for my daily dose of carbs but to be honest I was so excited to kick-off this cleanse that I didn’t really think about it.


Day two was just as good as day one. I drank the juices intermittently throughout the day with water. I never had any hunger pains and my cravings were becoming significantly less. Was my relationship with food coming to and end? This would be an easier break-up than I had initially thought. It wasn’t until 8pm rolled around when I started getting those late night munchy cravings. The chip dip in my fridge was flirting with me but I prevailed.

Day three was a less than pleasant day. My body was in full detox mode. On one hand I had never felt better. My skin was clear, I had more energy, my body was functioning at an utmost optimal mode. Heck I was so inspired I even booked ‘er to the Bay in search of a power juicer. (A good idea – but not realistic with my lifestyle). On the other hand, I was releasing those nasty toxins in my body which as one can imagine is less than pleasant.

Juicing for the three days taught me not only a lot about nutrition but a lot about myself. I know that I have the willpower to stick to something like this for long periods of time – three days was challenging. I know that I have a newfound love for juice and veggies are somewhat of a miracle food in terms of health.

I would most certainly challenge and recommend anyone to try the Raw Juice Guru. They are super amazing to deal with and only deliver the freshest product out there. They’ll tailor the program to your needs and  that reason alone makes them an awesome program to give a try.

Down to the nitty gritty: How much weight did I lose? To be honest, it’s not about the weight that I lost and more importantly about how good I feel since doing the detox. I did happen to lose 7 lbs which I am still shocked over.

Give this program a try and you’ll be surprised at the outcome. You can catch them at: Let them get you started on the path to a healthier life!


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