A Quality Glass of Wine

How do you know when you’ve become an adult? There are a few defining moments in one’s life when the realization of adulthood comes to fruition.

1) You no longer rely on your parents to pay your cell phone bill

2) There is the grave possibility you can grow a human being inside of you

And my favourite…

3) You come to respect the importance of a quality wine

I remember at the ripe young age of 19 buying the cheapest wine I could find at the liquor store. With every daunting sip I felt more and more like an adult. I had graduated from red and white flip cups to grown-up wine glasses. Outside I appeared sophisticated and mature but on the inside, I hated every moment of my life as the vile cheap poor excuse for a liquid slowly went down at a snails pace.

Not my finest day - 2002 holding a bottle of homemade...classy?

Not my finest day – 2002 holding a bottle of homemade…classy?

When I started my career in PR, I found myself networking more and more. Also I now had a paycheck and the $7.99 bottle of wine I would vow would never be drunk again. This is when I was introduced to quality wine.  Let me tell you… there is nothing better than a delicious bottle of quality vino. When I come home from a stressful day at the office, one of the first things I sit back and relax with is a glass of red.  You know what they say – a glass of red a day keeps the doctors away… or something like that…

Content with a good red.

Content with a good red.

I also enjoy having a glass of wine during a date. It’s romantic and eases the nerves a bit. Plus the more you drink the cuter he gets – I kid, I kid.  But in all seriousness, there’s nothing better than a great bottle of wine as an icebreaker. It’s actually one of my main tips when it comes to dating. Always have a bottle of red on hand.  You’re an adult now. A bottle of wine should be right up there with milk and paper towel

The line-up

The line-up

A wine I recently have come across is from Robert Mondavi.  Mondavi’s wine hails from the famous Napa Valley in California. He believed that the wine should reflect its origin. What better origin than sunny beautiful California? The winery has been at it for almost 50 years, which I think is plenty enough time to really finesse a product and get it just right. This is exactly the case when you sip a glass of Mondavi’s wine. The Robert Mondavi Private Selection is made in the central coast of California. The vineyard’s history is incredible. Situated amongst ancient volcanoes and what was once covered by an inland sea, the terrain makes for the perfect flavor.

I recommend the Pinot Noir. It smells of strawberry, roses and vanilla – romantic much? It has notes of cherry and raspberry – my two favourite types of fruit. Needless to say it’s pretty delicious to say the least.

Wine is meant to be an experience whether you’re on a first date or relaxing with your girlfriends on a Sunday afternoon. Do your homework and buy a wine you can knowingly enjoy.

I’ve got a fun contest going on right now featuring the coolest sunglasses this side of California’s vineyards. You could ‘wine’ a pair of Robert Mondavi Private Selection Woodzee Sunglasses valued at $120! These sunglasses are made from recycled wood from wine barrels. How cool is that?!

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