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SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX. Oooooooooh Canada…….Now that I have your attention, let’s seriously take a look at the action we all have come to love so much. I recently watched a fun romantic movie called “What’s Your Number”- a film about two promiscuous people who find themselves in and out of relationships. When one realizes that the national average for sexual partners in the US is 20- (it’s actually 9), she has a meltdown and tries to rekindle some of her past relationships in order to find “the one” before she hits the statistic.

This brings me to my point- What is the Canadian national average for sexual partners, and at what number are you considered a ho?

Now I use the term “ho” within reason. The  description of a ho is clearly a woman or man who has meaningless sex with multiple partners over short periods of time. This is my understanding of a ho. Suzy who goes out for a night on the town and meets Joe and hooks up after a few is not necessarily a ho but on her way to ho-dom. (Kingdom of ho’s)

Listen up girls. Here are the facts:

Canadian Men have on average 23 lifetime partners while women reported to only have 10. The average time spent on foreplay and intercourse is 37 minutes for the average Canadian couple. This is second to Switzerland with 42 minutes. We are dirty Canada! One more reason to love the country we live in.

So that being said, should you worry if your number is getting up there? Well it’s a pretty double standard that men are able to have almost 2.3 times more sexual partners and it is simply put as a national average. I am no feminist but I’m not buying this numbers game.

That being said if you are up over the average, you might want to consider cutting back on your hook ups.  Sex is something that should be special regardless of how many people you sleep with.

We all long for companionship whether it’s a date out for dinner or fooling around in the backseat of a parked car. The bottom line is you should stay strong and make good decisions based on what YOU want to do. Sleep with five people. Sleep with a five hundred people. Just be sure you are willing to deal with the emotional consequences that follow.

Above all, be safe Canada.

For more details on the Durex study check out Mclean’s article:



One Response to “Promiscuous Canada”

  1. If the men were only in heterosexual relationships, the average for men and women should be equal. So either there are MANY male same-sex encounters (more than twice the number of male-female encounters), or people are over/under-reporting (ie, men exaggerating, women underestimating).

    It would be interesting to see the distribution and trends, not just the average. Are there many people who have one or two partners in their lifetime and a few individuals who have hundreds that drive up this average? How many more partners are bi- and homo-sexual men having than heterosexual men?

    How does the average compared to previous years? And does average imply being acceptable or good? For example, the average waist circumference for women in the US went from 35 inches in 1988 to 37 inches in 2004. Is 37 inches ok now, when it would have been above average before?

    Correction: 23 is 2.3 times more than 10, not 1.5 as stated above

    Posted by anonymous | September 6, 2012, 3:17 pm

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