Positivity is contagious

I’m a firm believer that  all things are meant to be- are simply just meant to be. Whether its finding that new job, getting the last size in that dress you’ve been eye balling for months, or putting the moves on the right man. So why is there always a constant worry that things won’t work out? It’s only human nature to go after what you want so in the case that something doesn’t pan out the way you want it to, most of us will stress, worry, and above all feel bad about the situation. I’m a huge one for this. But as mentioned before, priorities for the New Year must go on and I myself must make the effort to care less.

Life is defined by your actions and every action you take effects everything that you do. You join a volleyball league- you meet new amazing friends. You take a digital class at a uni and get an awesome promotion at work. The fact is, if you do things that are more than likely to create positive interactions and consequences, you’re more likely to see success in all that you do.

You’re probably thinking- Duh I know this already, but sometimes you have to read, see, or hear it to believe it. So live life to the fullest. Care less about things that aren’t controllable and take action towards things that are. Be pro-active and you will in turn see results. What will be, will be. And always remember KARMA IS A BITCH.


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