A Night With Sterling Wines

A first glass of many

A first glass of many

I recently went to a wine tasting event that resulted in myself becoming obsessed with a new brand of wine. When I typically go to the LCBO on the hunt for wine, I try to stick to the wines I’ve had before. This way I am never disappointed. Over and over I have found myself prone to picking up Malbec from Argentina. When recently presented with wine from California, I was open minded and eager to give this new region a taste.

If you have never heard of Sterling Vineyards then you best be getting yourself to the closest liquor store to pick some up. It is the most refreshing wine I think I may have ever tasted – especially their chardonnay. I usually find Chardonnays to be very dry and buttery. I found their Napa Valley Chardonnay on the palate, full of golden apples, peach, lemon curd and caramel. It had a bright citrus finish, flanked by toasty spices. How debonair!

A few familiar faces!

A few familiar faces!

Their merlot was also a choice favourite of mine. I quite enjoy reds over whites. I’ve heard many times reds are better for you in health. How does the saying go? – ‘A glass of red a day keeps the doctor away’.

Lastly, I enjoyed a few glasses of their Cabernet Sauvignon – Napa Valley 11’. Imagine layers of red fruit, brown sugar, and black licorice are joined by chocolately tannins that melt into a long finish. It was a wine that I call dangerous. I call it dangerous because it’s so delicious I end up drinking it like juice.

The Sterling Experience event was an awesome event showcasing awesome wine. Alison Crary Rodriguez is Sterling Vineyards associate winemaker. This means she is THE leading lady when it comes to crafting quality wine in the California region. I got the chance to talk to Alison about her experience with wine. She once started out in marketing and made the career switch to the actual process of making the wine. After years of hard work, she now has a passionate career and loves her job. This is quite clear in the quality product she has helped produce for Sterling Vineyards.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle of Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley 11’ edition – any bottle will do (they are all great). It puts my Argentinian Malbec to shame. Follow Sterling Vineyards on Facebook.


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  1. HEY,
    SO great to see you the other night. I love my reds too but, that Chardonnay was awesome. Really enjoyed it too!
    Truth be told though I could drink Cabs all night long. So good, so rich. mmmmm

    Hope to see you again soon. Nice pic!

    Posted by ChristinePantazisDotCom | February 28, 2014, 3:40 pm

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