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Sometimes it’s your location that plays a huge factor in your happiness. I moved to the big city when I was 24. Scared shitless with bear spray in purse and constant cautious eyes, I quickly learnt that big cities don’t necessary live up to their reputation of being ridiculously dangerous and crime ridden…although my father maintains this statement to be true (his tactic to get me to move back to the maritimes.)

Times Square and sooooo many people

Times Square and sooooo many people

I recently took a trip to New York City – place I’ve always thought of as being a bit over presumptuous and consuming. It was a quick decision to go but nonetheless I booked the flight with little hesitation and before I knew it, I was flying over one of the largest populated cities in the world. If ever I urge you to visit a place before you die, please let New York be it. I didn’t find it entirely different from Toronto. It’s denser with more to do and much more people but the shock appeal for the most part is the same. Our Dundas Square somewhat mimics their Times Square but on a much smaller level.  Aside from a commercial standpoint, New York has a few things that no other city I’ve been to has. There are three things in particular I loved about New York City that I don’t think I can live fully without experiencing again and on a long-term basis.

1.) The People: Maybe it was who I spent my time with or maybe their friends just happen to be pretty fantastic people…but I felt like the people in general were warmer. I was complimented on my dimples while standing in line for an art exhibit, my skin at a bar, and my boots at the LGA airport. I’ve never been in a place where so many compliments have been given to me in such a short period of time. Talk about a self-esteem booster! All compliments aside, there is a certain spirit about New Yorkers or the transplants that end up there. They all have a certain team mentality about them, working together for the greater good. I love this and have yet to find this spirit anywhere.

View from the Standard Hotel rooftop

View from the Standard Hotel rooftop

2.) The Landscape: I mean this in every aspect from the fire escapes to the amazing architecture on the massive state courthouses. New York is a metropolis of sexy buildings mixed with classic infrastructure that has withstood hundreds of years. Then there is Central Park placed flat dab in the middle of this gigantic city which allows you to escape when the concrete jungle becomes too much. New York has a ton of character and one cannot help but feel happy even if walking around the city sans gloves in the cold…#WearGlovesNextTime

Thought about attempting Meg Ryan's famous orgasm scene. I got restaurant shy.

Thought about attempting Meg Ryan’s famous orgasm scene. I got restaurant shy.

3.) Things To Do – I saw most of the city in 3 days and this was due to my ‘tour guide’ and I going on non-stop rampage throughout the city. I was able to see the Yayoi Katsuma art installation exhibit, enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn, view the whole city landscape from the famous Standard Hotel rooftop, walk Times Square, eat a cupcake at Chelsea Market, walk through a Best Buy on Black Friday, experience fine deli dining at Katz Deli, enjoy Dim Sum at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, sing Whitney Houston at a stellar karaoke bar, and down several pickle backs (shot of whiskey, shot of pickle brine) at a whole in the wall bar with a T-Rex head sticking out from the wall and a stripper pole for the taking….and these are just a few of the awesome things we did. There is so much to do that it would require me to probably move there and explore the city 24/7 just to hit the tip of the iceberg.

le sigh*…fire escapes

le sigh*…fire escapes

All in all, I loved New York – just like the T-shirts. No wonder the famous logo is so iconic. There is a romantic air about the city that makes you fall in love with it.  I was pretty sad when I left – sill for some reasons unknown. I think the city is pretty inspirational and left me with the feeling of wanting to do bigger and better things with my life. During my travel home, I thought about my life and truly what I want to get out of it. What is important to me suddenly became much more clear after visiting NYC. My music, people who matter in my life and my career started to get the wheels turning in my head. I think this all stems from the American Dream and knowing that so many people who have gone to this city with high hopes, actually have a chance at ‘making it’. I want to make it and there is no reason why I should be holding back in any capacity. Putting your mind to something with a positive focus is the most strongest and attractive thing we as humans can do. I attribute this new found spirit in myself to this trip.

My friends who have travelled the city had warned me that leaving would cast some depression for a few days. I can always go back and will again someday hopefully sooner than later. A word of advice – go to New York City and fall in love, if not with a cute stranger at a bar, than with the fire escapes and the romantic scenery that you so often see in the movies. After all, there is a reason why so much film takes place in this city. It is a representation of the American Dream and knowing that you can attain anything you want with a positive focus and a big heart.

Peace out E-Town!


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