New Year. New Priorities


I’ve been gone but now I’m back. Sorry for my brief hiatus. Finding the time to write combined with my computer crashing made for a difficult time for the blog. But tis’ a new year and tis’ the time to get my ass in gear. Expect big things in 2013.

New Year’s Resolutions

I found myself amongst friends having a jolly time when the clock struck 12 on Jan 1st, 2013. It was a good night indeed and put me in the right mind frame for the New Year. So here is my question… who actually sticks to their NYE resolutions? I vowed to myself I would do so this coming year.

The weight thing always seems to be on the top of people’s list. I won’t deny- it is on mine. Not caring about things that deserve little to no energy is however at the very top of my list.

I want to write more. This is something that is important to me and not giving my writing enough time and attention is just plain ole not good.

I want to be more musical. I’ve lived in Toronto for quite some time now and I haven’t played very much. There are no excuses for this.

Lastly, Seize the frickin’ day! This is something I think everyone should live by. We’re not getting any younger people. Shit or get off of the pot.


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