National Coming Out Day


GAY Super heroes to save the day

Today is National Coming Out Day and seeing we’re College Street Closet, it only makes sense to promote this fabulous day. I have a special spot in my heart for the gays. I have several friends who are gay and to be honest, they’re the ones who have helped me see the true beauty in this world beyond PRADA and hot pink lipsticks. I’m a supporter of the HSSE (Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality) – a fantastic group who advocates for same-sex rights.

I remember when one of my closest friends came out to me. I was so happy for them. They finally could be who they really were and that to me was an amazing moment I will never forget.  Homosexuality has become more and more accepted every year. Who would’ve thought 10 years ago we would see gay marriage become a reality in many provinces, states, and countries? Mainstream media and in particular television shows like MTV’s 1 Girls, 5 Gays, Queer as Folk, The L Word, Will and Grace and Lipstick Jungle have shown individuals that it’s okay to be who you are and even glorifies it.

Have a slice of GAY?

Have a slice of GAY?

Bottom line, it’s not a choice. I don’t think anyone asks to be gay. Think about the trials and tribulations you have to go through even in an accepting society let alone places like Russia or Jamaica where you have to fear for your life due to your sexual preference. Being gay is a biological trait. It is not a deficiency or a disorder. It is not a choice or a preference. It is something that one is inherently born with. To those who are pig headed enough to not realize this, should be ashamed and to be honest most times are in denial and are gay themselves.

I can’t wait for the day when the LGBT community is fully accepted. The day when my friends can get married wherever they want, a day when they can travel to places and not have to worry about holding hands with someone of the same sex. Thankfully there are groups out there who support the LGBT community and are working hard to achieve acceptingness and equality world wide. The HSSE (Heterosexuals for same-sex equality) is one example for straight people to show their support. Other groups like Get Out Canada work hard at providing a fun and safe way for the LGBT to interact with each other. PRIDE is group and an event where we all come together to celebrate sexuality as a whole… and of course see clad men with hot bodies who us straight women couldn’t dream of turning….damn.

No matter what your sexual preference, you are still a human. You still have feelings. You have a mother and a father. Most importantly, you have a voice.  Please support National Coming Out Day. If you’ve had reservations about supporting the LGBT community, take a minute and stick yourself in a young homosexual’s shoes. They were once scared to tell their parents and friends, scared of the bullies and haters who might try to beat them down and then ask yourself why you’re judging? It’s not affecting your life in the slightest.

You simply cannot pray away the gay. You are who you are. Closets are for clothes.


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