My Top 5 Toronto Pubs

I am a pretty busy girl when it comes to socializing. I love going out. The act of getting ready- doing my hair, putting on my colour coordinated lipstick, picking out the perfect outfit – all makes me very happy. Living in one of the largest cities in Canada allows for me to have a pretty decent social life. There is something to do pretty much every day of the week whether it’s drinks at a pub in the west end, seeing a show in the Danforth, or simply catching a festival (cause there legit is one every weekend from here on out throughout summer). There is no excuse to not get out and about and enjoy this wonderful city we call home. So now I ask myself, where do I go? I have so many options that narrowing it down can become a hassle. I joke with one of my best girlfriends. She says we have to take turns choosing our weekend venues as she’s more into the suit and tie type, wear a cocktail dress, and absolutely NO FLAT SHOES.

I on the other hand would much rather throw on a chic outfit and head out to watch a live band. I do enjoy both- but keeping it calm, cool, and collected is more my thing. All this being said, I plan on writing a series of posts of my top five spots to head out to in Toronto – based off of type of venue.

This week, I feature my top 5 pubs. These are spots where I know I can throw on a pair of wax denims and relax and have a good time.

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1) Gladstone Hotel (Queen West):
The Gladstone is a restored victorian hotel with an artistic flare. There are a total of 37 rooms uniquely designed by artists making it an internationally recognized premium art hotel. Their brunch is amazing and their Friday night karaoke nights are even better. I have found myself up on stage one too many times belting out some crowd pleasers. Karaoke- you must always sing a crowd pleaser…

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2) The Beaconsfield (Trinity Bellwoods):
This is a place where you’ll find some of the cool kids sipping on a beer. Located in the heart of Queen West, Strombo along with some other famed Canadians have been rumoured to call this one of their go-to spots in the GTA. Paired with a cool vibe and a semi-vintage look, one could get used to this spot fairly quickly.

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3)  Grace O’Malleys (Downtown Core):
This makes my list because of being from the East Coast, we’re very used to this type of pub. I once went on a date here and had the pleasure of watching a cover band play Matchbox 20 while a work party danced the night away. Scandalous to say the least. I know their office would’ve been an awkward one the next day. This was all very entertaining and made for good conversation. It is the type of pub where you can get a decent pint and watch some good live entertainment no matter what night you go.

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4) Rhino (Parkdale)
Ahhh Rhino is an all-time fav. This pub has over 100 beer brands on their list and that that’s just the beginning. You can literally drink for a good portion of the night and have an appetizer for under $20. What can be better than this you ask? They also have a huge patio. It’s patio season people- choose your venues wisely.  Parkdale isn’t the fanciest area in Toronto but it is a fun spot and if you have trouble getting into Rhino because it is too packed, there are several other pubs in the area you can wander over to.

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5) Siblings (Leslieville)
I wanted to feature some spots all over the city- hence my Leslieville choice. Siblings is a fun pub with great food and a pretty decent beer selection. They put a lemon wedge in my Rickard’s White which immediately gave them brownie points on my end. The place straight up has a great vibe with a cool and collect crowd. I felt like I would return and be very okay with returning!

So there you have it folks – my top five pubs. This could of course change as new places open up and hidden gems become found. Until then, I’ll stick with the ole faithfuls…

Ta ta for now.



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