MUSIC: St. Lucia & Two Door Cinema Club



It’s always great being part of an up and coming band’s success. This is why I go to shows that don’t necessarily have major headliners. Last night I went to see Two Door Cinema Club at the Mod Club on College Street. Their opener was St. Lucia – a new band from New York. I had heard mixed reviews so I went with an open mind. I was pleasantly surprised. They rocked the house. It’s hard playing to a crowd who isn’t completely familiar with your music. I have played several shows myself where my original songs were in the situation of being completely judged. It’s a vulnerable time for a musician especially in this case where they were being followed by Two Door, which is a cult favourite. Those who like Two Door like them a lot. I have mad love for these boys. Alex Trimble is my favourite ginger in the entire world besides my two sisters (who have since gone blonde…way to sell out girls).

St. Lucia was amazing. They have a cool vibe to them. They were a cross between today’s modern indie sound and the classic 80’s. The lead singer was awesome and I could tell he was having a blast performing. The energy of this band was unbelievable. They left the stage soaked – a sure sign they were moving to the max. If you want to dance like you’ve never danced before but aren’t into Britney’s new tune, then this is the band for you. Here is their latest single – Elevate. You can download it for free on iTunes for a limited time.

After their set they took a photo of the crowd. So humble. I love them.

Two Door. I have no words. I have seen them a few times now and they certainly did not disappoint. They never disappoint. These boys gave it 500%. They were amazing and I didn’t stop moving for the entire time they played. I should also mention I got the last two tickets. My friend illegally parked her car behind their tour bus, put on her four ways and skipped a massive line to grab up the very last ticket. Shout out to Alyssa – you know how to do up a concert right girl.

Below is my all time fav tune:

If you haven’t gave these two bands a listen then you must do the following:

1) Go to your computer
2) Open your iTunes
3) Pull out your credit card (Don’t rip them off. They work hard for their money and they’re gonna do you right)
4) Buy every album they have ever put out
5) Dance like a crazy person

Two Door heads to the Danforth Music Hall tonight. If you’re going, have an awesome time. If you didn’t get tickets – cuddle up to YouTube and watch a few live videos.



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