Music: Justin Hines

It’s not everyday you come across an inspirational individual who makes you look at things differently and I mean truly look at what you’re doing here and now and become inspired to do more to achieve your dreams. I was lucky enough to meet someone today who has overcome extreme challenges and made it his goal to follow his dreams of becoming a musician… and a well-known one at that. Justin scored his first record deal about 8 years ago and he hasn’t stopped since. Performing numerous shows, constantly writing new material, and in and out of the recording studio has proven that hard work really does pay off. Hines suffers from Larsen’s Syndrome – a rare genetic joint disorder but this hasn’t stopped him. He has toured all over the world, made some pretty amazing music and founded the Justin Hines Foundation – supporting individuals living with disabilities.

Needless to say he has truly spread the message that a disability does not define oneself in any way shape or form.

Inspirational and talented: Justin Hines my friends!

Inspirational and talented: Justin Hines my friends!

Hines will be performing songs from his latest album “How We Fly” this weekend at the People In Motion Show, June 6-7 at 12 pm at the Exhibition Place, Queen Elizabeth Building in Toronto. The show is absolutely FREE to the public. As an aspiring musician, it was pleasure meeting Justin.

Here’s a tune you might already know:


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