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I’m a little late posting this but I have to share my new found love for the band Foals. Now I have been known to have a wide taste in music. I tend to lean on the indie rock side of things when it comes the typical tunes I listen to on a daily basis. When a girlfriend asked me to go with her to Cage The Elephant and Foals concert, I jumped at the opportunity. I love seeing bands that aren’t to the stage in their career where they are filling stadiums. If you can catch them just before they hit it big, you tend to luck out with not overly crowded shows and a performance that has these musicians ‘working for their money’. They’re at the stage of their career where they are still trying to win you over as a fan.

I have included a clip of Foals’ Prelude. I think it’ll give you just enough of a tease to go buy their album. They are a melodic rock with a cool sound. These guys put on one hell of a show and I will definitely be back to see them next time they tour Toronto.


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