Moving on up

A brief reflection…

There are a few things you can do that can instantly change your life. One would be switching to Apple products. I was a Blackberry girl for eternity until about 7 months ago when I bought a Macbook and an iPhone. Yep, two major changes in one month –LIFE CHANGING.

In all seriousness, I did recently make a few major life moves that have significantly changed things for me. In April I decided to leave my job and start up a new company with my best friend whom I’ve known since elementary school. This was a big one folks. Not only was I leaving a crew of great people at a job I relatively liked, I was leaving benefits. Do you know how much the dentist costs nowadays…geez. The company is going great and my decision to go out on my own came at the perfect time. I’m the boss-lady now and I take lunch whenever I want to. Sweet!

The second thing I did that was life changing was moving. We have a running joke in my building that I just keep on moving up. There couldn’t be anything closer to the truth. I went from living in my best friends closet – to a 10×10 bachelor to a small basement bachelor – to a beautiful one bedroom. Having a door and my bed separate from visitors is honestly the best feeling. It’s not like I couldn’t have this before. I could’ve moved to a different area in the city but once you become attached to a neighbourhood and community, it becomes impossible to leave. Plus – finding a decent apartment in the city that won’t cost you your first child and takes pets is ridiculously difficult.

This quite possibly could've been the size of my second apartment...

This quite possibly could’ve been the size of my second apartment…

I have everything I want now including a kitchen that has everyone who comes to visit drooling. The sad part is, I don’t even cook. This is something that maybe I will start to take up now that I have the goods. If you want a major change in life than maybe looking at a new living environment is the way to go. Maybe it’s time to ditch the roommate and go solo or maybe your neighbourhood is getting a bit boring. Spice things up. You might not regret it.

I leave you with this song:

I’m moving on up…to the West Side…to a deluxe apartment …above ground….


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