Misslyn: The Perfect Polish

I remember when I was 12 years old looking at all of the different colours of nail polishes and practically drooling over the thought of having multi-colored nails. The thought of being able to have green and blue nails blew my and every other 12 year old girl’s minds at the time. My aunt came home one day with blue, red, yellow and even glow in the dark. It was then when I knew popularity would be just around the corner.

I digress

Nail polish has always been a serious passion of mine. After moving to Toronto and discovering nail salons with hundreds of different shades of polish, that 12 year old girl came to the surface again. My oh my… am I going to be popular or what in the big city?

5 in 1

5 in 1

I recently attended the Misslyn launch held at the Trump Hotel. The line stems from Germany and has now moved into the Canadian market. Armed with 48 shades of polish including special effects top coats, a 5 in 1 top coat, chic nail stickers, and enough sparkles to make a girl’s eyes pop…this was indeed the perfect polish and needless to say I was more than excited.

48 shades to choose from!

48 shades to choose from!

This nail polish is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada and will hit shelves just in time for the holidays – Dec 1st. It runs for roughly $9.99 a bottle but is well worth the extra few bucks.

Being a dog owner, an avid dish wash cleaner, a typist on the computer (PR during the day, musician (guitar player by night)… you can understand why finding a nail polish brand that doesn’t chip would be possibly life changing. This brand goes on like gel and stays on like gel. The think I like about the Misslyn brand is that they experiment with their polishes. They encourage their consumers to try new things. Gone are the days of straight up polish. Today people are painting designs, getting sparkly tips, and snickering the heck out of their nails….. and this my friends is awesome.

Walk the Red Carpet!

Walk the Red Carpet!

My personal favourite from the line – Red Carpet….Hmmm I wonder why?!


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