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I would have to say that I have to go to the spa to get a pedicure once every two to three weeks. This is not because I live a lavish lifestyle. This is simply because I have the worst feet on planet earth. I once found out that a guy I was dating had a foot fetish and laughed to myself – if he only knew…. Needless to say… that didn’t last long.

Growing up in the East Coast, the first sight of sun means it’s sandal time. I love me some good ole sandals. During the summer I’m all about the open toed heels and will even go as far as flip flops if the occasion allows. But my feet suffer…they truly do. I get dry cracked feet which isn’t the most sexy thing. Pedicures help but they can hurt from to time and aren’t the most relaxing thing especially if you are a ticklish person like me. They also can be expensive if you think about going every two weeks it eventually adds up.

Results in seconds

Results in seconds

I have tried it all from devices that resemble cheese graters and socks that moisturize at nighttime to medicated creams from the doctor and foot salt baths meant to repair damaged skin. Worst of all, my father every chance he gets rubs it in my face that he has nicer feet than me. Do you know what it’s like to have a grown man who technically should have rough looking feet constantly show off that his feet are quote “softer than a babies ass.” It’s embarrassing to say the least.


I recently came across a machine that has changed the way I take care of my feet. I was skeptic at first. How could this be any less painful than the cheese grater contraption? I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Micro Pedi worked. It literally only took about 5 seconds for me to see drastic changes in my feet. It took all of the dead skin off and ahem…made my feet feel “softer than a baby’s ass”. I immediately called every girlfriend I know with problematic feet to tell them of this new miracle device.

Your feet are very important to your health. When you think about it…think about it like a Drake song “Started from the bottom…”. Your feet are what supports you day in and day out. When your feet are cold – your body tends to be cold. If your step is off, your back begins to ache. This is why it is important to take care of your feet. This is why it is good to invest in a Micro Pedi. They retail for only $49 and I’ve seen them as low as $39. This is the equivalent value of one pedicure at the spa so that being said is an investment well worth it if you ask me. The best thing is that I don’t have to shell out $40 every two weeks now and I can get beautiful feet in seconds from the comfort of my own home.

Micro Pedi

Micro Pedi

The unique micro-mineral roller safely, gently and effectively buffs away hard, jagged skin on the soles and heels giving immediate, lasting results. As I said, I immediately noticed softer, smoother, healthier skin on my feet. The Micro Pedi is more effective than metal scrapers, and graters which use blades and often cut skin. It is battery operated and is super simple to use. The alternatives are usually hard to manoeuvre but the Micro Pedi is ergonomically designed handle with rubberized grip is easy to hold and manoeuvre in either hand to easily reach the feet. I’ve tried many things to make my feet foot fetish worthy. Now I can stand tall and strut in some gorgeous espadrilles all the way to my parent’s house where I can show off my new feet to my Dad. How about that? The Micro Pedi is available at stores like Shoppers, London Drugs, Amazon and Target to name a few.

Here’s how it works!

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