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Luxury is something that we all long for. There are a few things in my life that I know are borderline on the luxurious side. My Balenciaga sunglasses for example were a big chunk of change to spend all at once. Did I mention I got them filled with prescription lenses?… Oooh baller.  I recently bought a Rimowa suitcase – the most luxurious of suitcases in the land and boy do I feel fly when I’m walking though Pearson.

The point I’m trying to make here is that luxury comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s not just the $2,000 purse or the $340 bottle of champagne that gives us that definitive luxurious feeling. You can find luxury in the smaller things as well and certainly at a much smaller price tag. I recently found luxury in something as simple as detergent. Yep, you heard that right. The Laundress is a new type of laundry and fabric line that will have your Tide taking a trip to el garbagio.

A laundry mat's dream!

A laundry mat’s dream!

The Laundress hails from NYC – shocker (I love New York). Their line consists of detergents and fabric care, candles, and décor for the home.  Their simple design paired with the amazing quality of the product is enough to have me hooked line and sinker! In reality, we spend a fair amount of money on our clothing so why not spend a few extra dollars on the care for it? When I say a few extra dollars, I actually mean it. These products retail slightly above what you would spend at your local grocery store for a detergent – but the quality outshines your traditional detergent any day of the week.

What I like about this line is the scent. It doesn’t smell like your average detergent. It has a light and clean scent that doesn’t come on too strong but is strong enough that the stranger standing next to you will wonder what smells so darn good. They also have detergent specifically for your little one. Something to keep in mind for myself…. way way way down the road.

The Laundress also features a bleach alternative that is 100% better than the harsh smell of other bleaches you’ve used in the past. I was shocked when I smelled this. How could something that has enough power to mimic bleach smell so great?

I have to say my favourite part of this line is their Crease Release. A few sprays of this magic solution and your wrinkles will actually disappear. When I first tried it, I thought to myself – “This will never work!” I have tried wrinkle erasers before but nothing ever seemed to work quite like this. The Crease Release worked like a charm and left my clothes looking and smelling fantastic.

photo 2

The Laundress at a boutique near my place!

So there you have it! You can find luxury in the small things. The Laundress is a beautiful line that will have your clothing looking and smelling great. For more about The Laundress, Click HERE!


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