Love, Marraige, Kids…No Thanks

I recently just found out about an ex having a baby. I’m confused how I should be feeling about this. My friends have asked me countless times how I’m feeling out of the blue. I wonder why they think this would even show up on my radar of all things to affect me. I’m more concerned with the date I had on Tuesday returning my text message. So…am I supposed to feel sad or angry about this situation? One would think not. To be honest, I am very happy for them. They were clearly meant for each other and now they get to share something beautiful together. The truth is we are completely different people living opposite lives and that is the past and is the past for many reasons.

This brings me to my internal fear. Has my biological clock started ticking? Everyone around me is either getting married or getting knocked up. Friends from high school are constantly popping up on my FB with their recent ring shots and wedding photos. Albumns of their little spawns…So I ask myself the question: Would you like to be married? My response is clearly N-O. I can’t imagine not having the choices I have now sans spouse. I then ask myself the question: Would you like to have a mini-me crawling around? And again I answer with a big fat N-O.

I guess I just have to face the facts and stick to my guns. I enjoy living life the way I live it now. I love expensive clothes, and kicking it with my friends who are in the same stages of life that I’m in. I post my latest watch purchases to FB rather than shiny wedding bands and really I’m okay with that. This is my internal rant- moral being: everything is gonna be alright. Sit back relax…


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