Losing my Win



A year ago to the day I lost my dog Winston. I was home visiting for the Christmas holidays and a fluke accident took him away. It cast me into a dark place I admit. I cried all of the time. My best friends were a pair of fleece PJ pants and GAP sweater from 1999 which I refused to take off. I had never been so low in my entire life than those 4 months after losing my dog.

They say a dog is man’s best friends… this statement is nothing but the truth.

I lost a piece of my heart that day but I gained a lot of clarity through it all. I learned to love my hometown. The amount of support I got when trying to find Win was amazing. We hit the snow and ice with full force but unfortunately he had disappeared into thin air. My thoughts now are that he must have fallen through the ice that cold December 19th night.

The the tragedy, I learnt who I could lean on and who I could not. I wasn’t a pleasant person to be around after I lost Winston – but my true friends stayed and stuck it out with me. I am forever in debt to them and I am truly thankful to have them in my life every day. Thank-you.

I will never replace Winston. He will always be with me. My best friend wrote me a message today – “Remember the good times with Win and not his death.” I owe it to him to keep a smile on my face.

Little P

Little P

Some time ago I picked up a scrawny little Whippet-Jack Russell who I named Parker. She’s a goofball and if you look at her the wrong way she immediately falls on her back. I love her but not the same way as Winston. It’s a different love. My little goofball Parker has a lot of qualities like Winston. She enjoys chewing couches, has the finer taste of leather and above all is kind and loveable just like Win.

Today I remember Win as the sweet puppy that was… and wherever he may be – I hope he has a BIG bone and is happier than a pig in shit.


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  1. Love you girlie!!

    Posted by Sally | December 28, 2014, 6:20 pm

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