iphone or Blackberry?

I love my iphone. In fact I didn’t really know what life was like until the first day I held it in my hand and it rang that ring I had longed so much for. You see, I was a Blackberry girl for most of my life social life. The two phones however are non-comparable.


Now I don’t personally own a Blackberry 10 but have a few friends who have recently made the switch. The Blackberry 10 is nice because it has great OS. It’s very user friendly and I like the layout of how the programs sync and work together. Blackberry also has the beloved BBM which is simply a feature that is hard to pry away from. Something about that ‘do do’ sound that gets me every time. I still find myself on the streetcar once in a while checking my phone because the BB Bold next to me got a message. Damn you non-iphone TTC patron!


Why I won’t switch
Now that I have professed my love to Blackberry, here is why I will not make the switch:

1) I am now a Mac user. Everything works in unison with Mac products and throwing something into the mix that just doesn’t belong there just isn’t going to work.

2) I work in a creative field and using an iphone just makes sense for the things I have to do both with work personal life.

3) The apps. I can get so many apps on the iphone that I cannot get on a Blackberry.

4) I look cool with an iphone.

End of story- I am still jealous when I hear Swedish House Mafia reference the Bold BB in their song: “Miami to Ibiza”- but truth be told, it is a phone I am not entirely convinced of as of yet.


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  1. You forgot the best one of all – Android. I moved from an iPhone 4S to Samsung GalaxyIII and it was the best phone I have ever had.

    Posted by Ayngelina | April 30, 2013, 4:44 pm

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