I dream of McQueen

There are tons of designers out there who push the limits everyday. Low bust lines, crazy patterns, materials that look like they should be from another world… This is all fashion’s way of expression. I have been a huge lover of fashion since watching Fashion Files since I was a kid. Probably because it was during the heart of the 80’s. Can you imagine?

Noone pushed like McQueen. His quirky ways have set the standard for today’s risque fashion. His use of materials and design mechanics were that of another time- another world. His dark sense of lineage and his non-routine masterpieces will be forever known as classic.

Now McQueen can be very expensive. It’s very rarely I go into a Holt’s to purchase something of this manner. But I visit. There is a purse there currently who I actually feel as though I have a relationship with it. I try it on. I walk around the purse area pretending I own it. But then I see the $800- amd bam reality sits in.

One thing I can justify in owning- that is McQueen is a McQueen scarf. I own 9 of them. This is excessive I know. But the silk, the colours, the skulls that make you look borderline edgy, but with a fashion sense of the gods. I am a fan!

I close this post in encouraging you to go visit a purse. They need friends too. And buy yourself a McQueen scarf. Every man and woman deserves at least one. Hey, here’s a though, buy one and share it with your significant other…


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