How To Handle An Attack On Twitter

Bitching online is a slippery slope to climb. What people don’t understand is that once something is posted online, it lives online…FOREVER. A simple delete might not be as simple as it sounds. Think about how many people who practically live online whose eyes immediately see content posted to social media in real time.

Most people know about my incident with a family member (who shall remain un-named) who posted a messaged to my Facebook wall instead  of a private message. The message was about a guy I had met back in February. This lived, breathed and festered online for 15 minutes until I caught it and deleted the post. I suffered a minor heart attack and have since recovered…

I thought I would write a post in lieu of the recent Kanye West / Jimmy Kimmel Twitter fight.

Jimmy and Kanye are not getting along online

Jimmy and Kanye are not getting along online

I recently was attacked on Twitter by a person who is in the same field professionally. She questioned a tweet I had sent out regarding brands having a social media presence online. Her tone was demeaning and her attitude completely uncalled for. I kept it very civil and professional when all I wanted to do was scream through caps lock and hashtag obscenities at her.

I think this was the best way to handle the situation. If you kill someone with kindness, you will in turn piss the opposing party off and come across as the bigger person. It is a total win win.

But when should you stand your ground? ALWAYS stand your ground. You don’t have to go off like a crazy person. It can be as simple as asking a question in a passive aggressive manner. Nobody likes passive aggressiveness – it’s the worst. BUT it is the best when retaliating.

Being a jerk online doesn't pay

Being a jerk online doesn’t pay

One should also always take tone into account. Something can come across as rude online when in reality it was not meant to be interpreted that way at all. I know in my case, she was trying to prove a point with tone. To make a long story short, being a bitch doesn’t pay off no matter if you’re online or offline. People in general don’t like miserable people. Be kind and treat people how you want to be treated. I never go on Twitter with the intention of trying to take someone down. What would that say about my character?

Be nice and people will be nice to you in return.


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